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Ready ... Set ... Go!!!

If I could summarize the first three months of this year with one word, it would be "BUSY". Of course, being busy is a good thing, and I would not trade it in for anything. With the launch of the new business name and website in January, the very successful Valentine’s Day Specials offered in February, and the launch of the partnership with The Coffee Lounge in March, the term "busy" may even be an understatement.

"New year, new me" ...

After years of operating under the business name Alexandria's Creations (originally named after my oldest daughter, Sydney Alexandria), I felt the urge to re-brand the business late last year, considering the growth of our client base and the consistent inquiries for our uniquely flavored products. I wanted to go with a new business name that describes our special area of expertise, and provides a sense of elegance, yet memorable. Many names were reviewed, but ultimately we decided on the name "Twist Cupcakery" as it clearly embraces our culture for baking traditional and unique flavors with a Twist. Considering the re-branding of our products with the new business name, it was perfect timing to launch a new website and logo, as well as update our menu with some of our "unofficial" flavors that were constantly being requested by our customers. I decided to keep the new name a secret and planned to unveil it on New Year’s Day; on this day we launched the new name and website to our loyal customers. I even gave a 20% discounts to the first 50 people that subscribed to the new website.

Most of the leg-work leading up to the re-branding of Twist Cupcakery actually took place in late 2014 as we scrambled to make sure all of the legal aspects were taken care of (i.e. trademark, Ohio bakery license, etc.), in addition to handling the increase in orders associated with the holiday season. Once the logo design was finalized, my husband/web-designer spent countless hours designing the new web-site to ensure it matched my vision (he gets paid with cupcakes for his services). Everything was completed on time and the website was up and running just in time for the announcement of the new business name. On January 1st 2015, Alexandria’s Creations was officially retired and Twist Cupcakery was born to much approval from our customers, family, and friends. Thanks everyone for joining me on this journey and I look forward to growing Twist Cupcakery to meet the baking needs of our community.

- Kate

aka "Your Favorite Baker's, Favorite Baker"

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