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Well Twist Cupcakery supporters... we are really doing it! We are taking a leap of faith and opening a bakery in Downtown Dayton Ohio this summer and we have found the perfect space! I know, I can hardly contain my excitement too! Imagine your favorite cupcakes every day in whatever quantity you desire and no one will judge you if you want to try all of the flavors!!! 


In order to make this bakery as awesome as we envision we are going to need a little bit of help from you all. We are starting a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign in order to raise at least $6,000 to help with the startup costs of the shop including equipment, renovations and licensing. If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, in a nutshell it is a fundraising platform that allows creative people, like me, to launch projects to raise money for a very specific goal. Two very interesting and appealing things about Kickstarter are that you get rewards for your contributions. We have always worked hard for your support and we are not about to stop now, so you will find a variety of rewards based on the amount of your contribution which you will be able to start redeeming once the bakery opens. The second interesting thing about Kickstarter is that it is all or nothing fundraising. This means that if we do not reach our goal of at least $6,000 by June 1st we will not receive any funding from you; only if our project is successfully funded will your credit card be charged. This will force us to work harder than ever to convince everyone that there is a need for Twist Cupcakery in the Downtown Dayton area. We would also love for you to share this information with any and everyone who loves delicious treats... which is like everyone! If we exceed our goal then we will use the additional funding to make further upgrades to the bakery and possibly purchase some of our 'like to have' items!


We hope that you will join us in this journey and stay tuned to see our progress! Thank you in advance for your support!!!



Check out our kickstarter website today! 

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